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Welcome to SpacePrez, the next version of OGC LD API. SpacePrez, which is an API tuned for Semantic Web spatial data, uses a common set of components with VocPrez, which is an API tuned for Semantic Web vocabularies.

See the About page for more information about SpacePrez itself.


Datasets are packages of data usually managed as one. Datasets, in SpacePrez, may contain multiple Feature Collections. SpacePrez can deliver multiple datasets at once and the data from them is cross-queryable thus SpacePrez is a catalogue of integrated spatial datasets.

See the Datasets page for a list of Datasets for this SpacePrez instance.

Feature Collections

Datasets may have collections of more than one type of Feature and these are presented in "Feature Collections". SpacePrez' data model uses the GeoSPARQL 1.1 FeatureCollection class to represent these and delivers them as OGC API feature collections.


Features are spatial objects about which we want to know things, including their geometry/geometries. SpacePrez' data model uses the GeoSPARQL 1.1 Feature class to represent features and they are the main "items" within Feature Collections.

Search & Querying

Performing SPARQL queries can be done by using the SPARQL page. Spatial search will be implemented soon.

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